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Posted By: manubee
Date: 2004-03-28 04:47
Summary: Version 0.56 development

I've uploaded Visual-MinGW 0.56 alpha, development version. (experimental)

Please test and report bugs to the mailing-list.


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About Visual-MinGW

Visual-MinGW is an Open Source project hosted by

The aim of this project is to provide an Integrated Development Environment for MinGW compiler.
Minimalist GNU for Windows)

Development started during July 2001 with following goals :

  1. Provide a "Minimalist" Open Source IDE, developed with nothing more than itself and built with MinGW compiler.
  2. Make it as small and fast as possible, using only Windows APIs.
  3. Make it easy to use for beginners and as powerful as possible for advanced users.
  4. Specialize one module of its code for simple and reusable C++ objects that will provide ready to use application skeletons. A quickly way to create a dialog box, SDI or MDI based project.
  5. Provide simple, but original features like creating archives, copying these to a floppy disk or uploading to a server in a few mouse clicks. Make use and promote Open Source command line tools.

"Our brave little software invokes
Info-ZIP to archive source code."

[more screen shots]

VM in action