The new "Project settings" dialog.
Each project have two default configurations, Debug and Release. It is not yet possible to Add/Rename/Remove configurations, except by editing the project file manually. I've proceeded that way for Winelib configs.
Hopefully, VM could be self-hosted under Winelib.

You can note also the Objects and Dependencies directories. Generated files, including the target binary can be placed anywhere within the project root.

Project configs.

 An experimental project tab. It might be interesting to specify names of programs for each config. Even the dependency generator.

Here is a Winelib config.

Names of programs.

The compile tab have now a specific text field for C++ only flags, in order to avoid warnings when a C++ project have both C and C++ files.

Includes and libraries directories are separated with semicolons. The app will convert paths using a $(top_srcdir) variable:

# Directories
top_srcdir = ..

# compiler flags
INCLUDES = -I$(top_srcdir)/include -I$(top_srcdir)/winui/include
RCINCLUDES = --include-dir=$(top_srcdir)/include --include-dir=$(top_srcdir)/winui/include


Project popup menus.

Recent menus.


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